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ACE Project Solutions


We support your real estate or infrastructure project from a design inception through to an operational facility using the latest technology, systems and processes learned from more than three decades developing international projects. Our comprehensive suite of services falls into three main areas – Project Strategy, Project Delivery and Operational Services.

Project Strategy

A robust strategy can be the difference between project failure and success. Whether it’s exploring how a project is structured, analysing project feasibility or raising finance, with our ability to understand the whole lifecycle of a project, we provide this service completely objectively.

Conceptual and Feasibility Modelling

ACE Project Solutions - Conceptual and Feasibility Modelling
We work with you to develop a conceptual model of your project at the outset so everyone has a clear understanding of the planned outcome. We also review the feasibility of a project. Once deemed viable, we produce an early stage financial model which sits within a wider business plan. As the design develops, we track costs closely, to make sure the project remains feasible.

Corporate Structuring

ACE Project Solutions - Corporate Structuring
We listen to your specific needs and structure the project in the most effective way to achieve your goals by putting in place the correct corporate vehicles to protect the asset and make sure it’s compliantly taxed in the most effective way.

Asset Protection

ACE Project Management - Asset Protection
We put in place the necessary safeguards, systems and management controls to protect your asset from a fall in value.


ACE Project Solutions - Financing
We advise on the correct financing solution for your project, be it a combination of debt and equity, leveraged solutions, derivatives, securitisation or collateralisation.

Risk Analysis

ACE Project Solutions - Risk Analysis
We carry out a full risk assessment and develop a bespoke risk management plan for the life of the project. We continuously review and update the risk management plan as the project evolves to ensure risks are mitigated.

Project Delivery

We plan and resource every project with meticulous attention to detail ensuring successful outcomes and effective governance built on strong and open communication.

Construction Management

ACE Project Solutions - Construction Management
We provide a unique blend of services using best practice methodology and systems to enable clients to procure and manage the design of trade packages of work. We ensure that the entire process drives out cost, increases time efficiencies and delivers a functional asset.

Project Management

ACE Project Solutions - Project Management
We provide experienced teams and methodology to effectively manage the contractor during the appointment, construction and commissioning stage to ensure on-time and on-budget completion to the correct requirements and standards. We make sure each element of the design and construction is closely managed to bring your vision to life.

Programme Management

ACE Project Solutions - Program Management
We manage the project from inception to occupation and operations. This is particularly important where there are multiple projects being run concurrently to reduce pressure points and to ensure performance doesn’t deviate from the programme.


ACE Project Solutions - Procurement
Through our extensive network, we source all elements of the project from land acquisition, design, funding, construction and operational requirements to ensure it represents the best value solution.

Cost Control

ACE Project Solutions - Cost Control
Good cost control starts at the initial feasibility study and cost plan, and develops through design development and into the construction phase. We ensure you have complete transparency and confidence in your investment.

Operational Services

We understand the value a well-maintained and compliant facility can add to your business. ACE provides a tailor-made and comprehensive operational service that ensures building users are safe, happy and productive.

Facilities and Maintenance Management

ACE Project Solutions - Facilities and Maintenance Management
We have extensive experience delivering integrated facilities management and maintenance services to the appropriate standards using Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Cleaning is particularly important in a post-Covid world, whilst good maintenance in advance of hurricanes and bad weather can help to avoid costly damage. We help you to find sustainable solutions which maximise asset value, mitigate risk, create new revenue streams, reduce occupancy costs or enhance wellbeing, enabling you to transform the way you develop, manage or occupy buildings.

Transition and Change Management

ACE Project Solutions - Transition and Change Management
We use proven management processes and experienced managers to deliver contract transition and business change programmes to deliver the expected outcomes, timetable and cost benefits. We can also manage a full change programme, including training to ensure a contract or service is provided to the correct standards and customer satisfaction. In collaboration with you, we design and implement change programmes to deliver improved methods of working within your business.

Estate Management

ACE Project Solutions - Estate Management
We manage your property estate to ensure it is efficiently operated and provides the most appropriate return for the investor or owner. This includes rent administration, tenant management, maintenance and repairs, Landlord and Tenant Law and overall supervision of the estate. We help you to make informed decisions by providing building surveys, schedules of condition, dilapidations assessments, planned maintenance, lifecycle plans and cost assessments, defect analysis and alterations approval.

Homeowner Services

ACE Project Solutions - Homeowner Services
We oversee your home build procurement and construction activity to ensure adherence to the agreed cost, time and quality. We provide a tailor-made client service experience to you, your tenants or visitors to boost your reputation and return on investment. Whether you need the domestic property managed, maintained correctly, made hurricane ready, dressed to suit your guests’ requirements, domestic personnel and concierge services supplied, we can deliver what you need.

Lifecycle Management

ACE Project Solutions - Lifecycle Management
We provides whole lifecycle management from inception through to operations. We look at the most viable solution for the long term life of the building to give the best value over the whole life of the building. This is supported through the use of Building Information Management (BIM).


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

ACE Project Solutions - Building Information Modelling
We operate a process that provides the project team with a collaborative way of creating and managing information which results in a more transparent and efficient way of planning, designing, building, and managing a project from start to finish and subsequently into the operating stage of a facility’s life. This integrates with our complete service offering, and allows the project to be completed right the first time round.



ACE Project Solutions - Social
We work to drive unconventional and impactful change by embedding sustainability into everything we do that affects the communities and environment around us. By supporting you to take a responsible approach that contributes to a better world, we are working to shape the future of real estate within the region.



We operate across the following industries:

Residential Housing

Hotels and Hospitality



Judicial and Prisons

Central Government

Transport and Aviation


Student Accommodation

Leisure Facilities



Emergency Services

Public Authorities

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Infrastructure and Utilities

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