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ESG Responsibility

We are committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices that have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and reduce the adverse social and environmental footprint on the world. We incorporate environmental and social concerns into both the company’s and our client projects' planning and schemes.

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ACE Project Solutions - Environmental
We are working towards achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) assessor status and will apply all the principles of LEED in all projects for our clients. ACE passionately believes that buildings should be sustainable and we continually address greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, water use, indoor air quality and sustainably sourced materials within our service model.

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ACE Project Solutions - Social
Each ACE project delivered on behalf of our clients and the business is measured against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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ACE Project Solutions - Governance
Governance is essential for any business and ACE believes in maintaining sound governance practices. This involves a continual review of legislation, guidelines and best practice to ensure ACE is fully up to date.

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Community engagement and philanthropy

ACE Project Solutions - Facilities and Maintenance Management
ACE recognises the requirement to give back to the communities we work within. This allows us to engage with local people and understand their needs better. Some of our activities in this area are listed at the end of this page.

SDG GOAL – Reduce Poverty, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

ACE Project Solutions provides support to rebuild the communities of Dominica

The Thomas Foundation is a newly formed not for profit organisation set up to support the people of Dominica in their recovery from hurricane Maria, and to provide a route for ongoing regular donations of used but still useful, much needed equipment to the island.

In September 2017 the small Caribbean Island of Dominica was devastated by hurricane Maria. Lives were lost and homes, schools, hospitals and whole communities suffered devastation from which many have still not recovered.

The Thomas Foundation has been set up to provide a formal route for donated useful items from the UK to be relocated to Dominica, for public and community use, starting with a large quantity of hand and power tools.
The founder member of the organisation Ken Thomas has been working with the Dominican Government to supply tools to three worthy recipient educational organisations - Dominica State College, Youth Skills Development and Adult education Programme.

Young people will be able to gain the construction skills required to repair or build following structural damage to buildings, and will be provided with access to a toolkit on finishing their training to start them off on their way to self-sufficiency as skilled tradesmen in their own right. Enabling them to work for themselves or others in their own homes and local communities, which will have positive impact and drive sustainable development.

The programme will enable the establishment of a tools library for local people to use items for one off projects themselves to improve their own housing.

The first consignment of donated items left the UK in mid-September 2019 and arrived in Dominica in October 2019. Enabled by the kind support from some UK and Caribbean based companies who have offered to aid with shipping and storage - Eden Springs in the UK and ACE project solutions in Barbados. 

The Thomas Foundation is a not for profit organisation created to serve to source used but still useful items no longer needed in the UK e.g. medical equipment, teaching equipment and IT computing hardware and software as well as hand tools. 

Article published by:
Dominican Government Information Service

SDG GOAL - Reduced Poverty, Quality Education.

ACE Project Solutions

ACE supports Eden Lodge Youth Charitable Trust

Eden Lodge Youth Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation established to help underprivileged children across Barbados. Their scholarships and education tools enable these children to grow up to become self-sufficient individuals and lead a good life.

ACE provides regular donations to this organisation.

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