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National Insurance Board




Statutory Authority

Client Details:

The National Insurance Board (NIB) is responsible for operating the National Insurance Scheme for Barbados. As a result, it has its own office accommodation. The NIB has also got a portfolio of commercial property that it has invested in. These properties are either being managed in house or by an external property manager.

The Challenge:

The properties range in ages from 7 years to 25 years and are at various states of repair and condition, with the newest having some more serious issues.

Historically, maintenance of buildings in Barbados has not been a top priority and is often undertaken on an ad hoc basis, once problems start to show and cause disruptions.

The way the buildings are being maintained varies across the estate. It was also evident that there was inconsistency in spending across each building.

The NIB requested an audit be undertaken of all of their buildings and once the results are known, ACE was to formalise a strategy for the facilities management of the whole estate.

Our Approach / Solution:

We put together a team of professionals with various skill sets to undertake the audit and survey, so that we could ascertain the condition of the buildings.

We then analysed the data we collected ourselves together with the data provided directly by the client. Using known metrics we were able to ascertain the status of the current situation.

A detailed report on the current condition was produced along with an asset register.

We then formulated the FM strategy and made various suggestions on what could be undertaken, along with a detailed methodology of what could be put in place. It was then presented to the board.

From the agreed strategy all the documents necessary for a competitive procurement exercise were put together and a full procurement process was undertaken.

We then assisted with the implementation of the new contracts and will carry out quarterly audits on compliance.

The Results:

The NIB team were able to receive the information to enable them to put in place a more efficient and cost effective solution.

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