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Client Details:

Everclear is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up specifically to undertake this project. The shareholders of the SPV are experienced contractors and developers. The ultimate client was the water authority. The island is classified as a water scarce island and therefore required additional water supplies that were sustainable.

The Challenge:

This type of project had not been done as a commercial venture on island. There is one private desalination plant and one brackish water plant on the island.

Therefore the challenge was obtaining a skilled partner for the technical aspects of the project.

ACE had also never worked on a desalination project before, so we needed to understand a lot of new information quickly.

Once the contract was signed, pumped tests had to be undertaken, which involved drilling boreholes down to the ocean seabed and installing pumps and pipework.

Our Approach / Solution:

We were asked initially to assist in drafting and negotiating the water purchase agreement and to undertake the financial modelling. Later we assisted with the project management of the pump tests.

We needed to understand the technical solution and the format of the documentation that was required. Once that was achieved we were able to deliver on the client’s requirements.

Managing the pump tests was just a matter of planning the logistics and coordinating the suppliers.

The Results:

The outcome was that the water purchase agreement was signed and the pump tests were successfully completed.

Once the design has been finalised and the water authority gives the go ahead, the plant will be built.

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